Is Donald Trump Fulfilling Biblical, Islamic, Catholic, and other America-Related Prophecies?  by Bob Thiel, Ph.D.

Is Donald Trump apocalyptic or possibly the Antichrist?

This 188 page book contains eleven chapters that deal with these exciting topics:

  1. Donald Trump: Background, Controversies, and Hebrew Prophecy
  2. Immorality has Prophetic Consequences       
  3. Europeans are Not Pleased
  4. Islam and Prophecy 
  5. Is Donald Trump the Antichrist?
  6. ‘Trump of God’ and Christianity?       
  7. 20 Reasons Why Donald Trump is Apocalyptic     
  8. Native American Prophecies
  9. Nostradamus and Donald Trump
  10. The King of the North, Donald Trump, and the End of the United States, and its Anglo-Saxon Allies
  11. Donald Trump is Fulfilling End Time Prophecy


About the Author

The author has studied philosophy, religion, research, science, and prophecy, both formally and informally for several decades.  He has multiple degrees, including a Master’s degree from the University of Southern California and a Ph.D. from the Union Institute and University.  In the past eighteen years, the author has had scores of articles published on these topics in a variety of print publications such as magazines, newspapers, and journals.  He is also a dedicated Christian and Pastor of the Continuing Church of God (official website is

Dr. Thiel has been a lifelong researcher and has received several research awards. His recent books,
2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect, Fatima Shock!, Barack Obama, Prophecy, and the Destruction of the United States, and The Last Pope have shared unique and helpful prophetic insights to those actually interested in the truth.  Events have already aligned with dozens of predictions in those books, including a dozen or more related to Barack Obama and/or his Administration. As far as Donald Trump goes, world events have already started to confirm at least four predictions that Dr. Thiel said would happen if Donald Trump were elected. More will come to pass! Would you like to know which?

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Donald Trump, And America's Apocalypse is a 188 page book for people truly interested in prophecies related to Donald Trump and the United States, including learning about many that have already been fulfilled and those that will be fulfilled in the future.The physical book can be purchased at Amazon from the following link: Donald Trump, And America's Apocalypse: Is Donald Trump Fulfilling Biblical, Islamic Catholic, Hopi, and other America-Related Prophecies? $12.99.

Donald Trump, And America's Apocalypse. This electronic version of the print edition is available for only US$3.99. And you do not need an actual Kindle device to read it. Why? Amazon will allow you to download it to almost any device: Please click HERE to download one of Amazon s Free Reader Apps. After you go to for your free Kindle reader and then go to Donald Trump, And America's Apocalypse-Amazon Kindle edition.

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